Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Headkandy extensions....

I really want these.
They look amazing and I really want my hair to be long. I've search every review, youtube video, everything I can about them. I want my hair to be long and perfect, but I've had extensions before and I don't want to spend £80-£100 on something that is wrong or isn't what I want. Has anyone got a pair that they could advise me about them. I was thinking about getting 20-22, in either Manhattan or Parisian but I'm not completely sure what shade to get. If anyone could help I'd be so so grateful. xxx


  1. Hi Daisy!

    HeadKandy hair extensions are 100% Grade A remy human hair, they are super soft and silky and gorgeously thick :)

    Why not send a few photos of your hair to the HK team for a shade match? They can help you out with picking the best shade!!

    To check the length of the extensions, try measuring downwards from the top of your ear :)

    I hope this helps!!

    1. there are a lot of different blonde hair extensions products that are sold online and also offers free shipping. You can check Clip Hair, they are based in the UK.