Friday, 28 January 2011

Found it!

So I went on a drama trip and we had some time to spare so I wondered off to a near by Superdrug, just for a browse. In my local one, we don't have a GOSH but this one did, so half-heartedly I had a look not expecting to find anything but I finally found my "Holographic" nail varnish. I'd looked everywhere but it had sold out so I just resigned myself to the fact that I would never have it and that pretty space age nails were out of my reach and that I would only see this on other blogs. But to my delight I found a bottle hiding and it was half price! So I paid £2.50 for a nail polish that I had lusted after, I love it when things are better then you could imagine. I've been wearing it for a day now and its still so pretty I can't stop staring. You do have to do 3 coats+ or the effect isn't as good and it does chip a lot. But touch ups are easily and for nails like this I can suffer those negatives.

(Sorry about no nail pictures, it wasn't showing up, but I'm sure you've all seen it before)


  1. Ah I love this holo, really eye catching in the sun, in normal light it just looks like a normal silver polish but in the right lighting it looks so lovely. i found mine chipped really easily, holos have a bit of a reputation for not being long lasting, but as you say I too can put up with doing touch ups.
    Glad you finally found it in the end :-)

  2. this is really pretty! believe it or not this is the first ive heard of holographic nps blehh im late =/ lol I just googled them and i am officially hooked! thanks a lot! lol my bank acct will take a couple of hits when i find the milani holographic set! lolol