Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I'm just a barbie girl...

So I went to a halloween party the other day and went as.... BARBIE.
It was me and my friend's idea and 4 of us did it in total, though i missed out on some of the fun as i didn't have to buy a wig, still on the plus side more moneys for MAC make up :)
I'm sorry I can't remember most of the stuff I used, as i literally rooted round for everything, however:
a pale pink base and bright pink above the crease line, huge fake eyelashes on top and bottom for a more "dolly" look and eyeliner to make it all look neater

two types of foundation ( a sheer one for a base, and a thick matte one on top), MSF, stupid amounts of blusher ( i used nars orgasm and it was like a dream)

MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick first, then Chatterbox, a tiny bit of Impassioned with a pale shiny lipgloss over the top

I also fake tanned properly for more dollyness, however I'm so pale it just made me normal colour.
Here are some pictures, which I actually think look quite good, I'd deffo recommend trying this look to anyone (I'm the one with the real blonde hair)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

coastal scents 88 palette?

So I've heard a lot about these recently, and wondered if it is worth investing in?

The colours look nice, and the prices are really good so i thought i might get a 88 Makeup Palette and a 88 Warm Palette, so I could have colour and neturals but are they good? Because I don't want to waste money on something that isn't very good, so if anyone has any advice on them, I'd be super grateful.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains

So I am in LOVE with my new MAC make up. I always love their collections so I was so excited when i found out that Disney was the new one. I like the colours however i find darker colours harder to wear which i find dominate, however I purchased Toxic Tale and went out an a limb and bought Violetta.

I'm super pleased with them, Toxic Tale is a lovely bright coral/orange, I'm not sure if its actually that orange or it just looks that way on me but either way I really like it and got some lovely compliments about it. Violetta comes out darker then it looks in the tube which I am pleased about, and have an almost iridescence undertone. I really like this lipstick however with my pale skin and blonde hair, I'm not completely convinced that it suits me. However I am going to try extremely hard to make it, and if it doesn't then I will be selling it on here, so someone might get lucky as I hear the whole collection is about to sell out.

somebody's darling...

So, this is my first blog. I've really wanted to do a good one for ages and i finally got round to doing it. I really want to talk about make up and fashion on this as its something I really love. There is nothing quite like a new MAC lipstick to show what true love is. My names Daisy and I've got blue eyes which change colours and blonde hair which i call angel hair. I love MAC and Nars for really good make up, but i just wish i had more money for more.