Thursday, 30 December 2010

What should I do....

So I thought I'd buy a foundation. All the signs were right, I had the money, my YSL one had run out so I decided to buy a MAC one. Now as much as I love Mac, I'm always very weary as I really didn't like the Mineralize Satinfinish I bought before as it didn't give good coverage and I looked dead. But I thought I'd give it another go with Studio fix fluid. The lady in MAC matched me up, however it didn't feel like she was really concentrating on me and only did a tiny bit on my face without properly taking my make-up off so I couldn't see it properly but trusting her judgement i bought the foundation as it seemed to give good coverage. Then the next day I tried it on, and I'm orange. Proper orange. Now I don't know what to do, cause it is clearly the wrong colour but can I take it back, or should I just keep it for one when I'm fake tanned or a summer one? I really need some help cause I need foundation desperately. x

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Who's a spoilt girl? I am!

I hope you all had beautiful white Christmases with everything your hearts dreamed of. I was a very lucky spoilt girl. I got more then I could have imagined, though none of it I asked for. I got an iPad, a Wildfox jumper, Perfume, Bobbi Brown brushes, some money, an Aspinal of London Union Jack mirror, clothes, some MAC make-up and like others bits and bobs. I can't wait to go shopping now, I'm thinking about maybe: MAC make-up, MAC brushes and a wildfox top. But who knows? What did you beautiful people get?

Saturday, 18 December 2010

sucks to be flu.... Brush help needed!

I haven't posted in ages, stupid flu is making me feel really horrible. I can't even go and enjoy the snow we have, very upsetting. Though last night I got a bouquet of pink roses from my boyfriend to say get better soon, which did help to soften the disappointment of being stuck inside. So instead I've been doing some wish list shopping, and I really want some good MAC brushes. I know I'm getting some money for Christmas so I think i will buy some. I just don't know which ones to buy. I only want eye ones really as i have nice face brushes which do the job, however if there is a mush have I would probably buy it. So please could everyone tell what their top 6 are, I'd be very grateful. Love to you all. xoxo