Monday, 29 November 2010

help me smudge my lipstick...

I really want new lipsticks, I thought i would buy myself a new pro pallette but now I still want one but my lust for lipstick is more. I've been layering them on at the moment in a lame atempt to keep my lips warm but even though I love the ones I own, I'm yearning for new ones. You just can't beat the feeling of twisting up a brand new tube.


*Pink Nouveau


*Saint Germain

*Girl About Town

*Ruby Woo

*Dark Side

*Creme Cup

Has anyone got anymore that they just can't live without?

Also on the same note, Christina Marie at Christina Marie says is having a lipstick giveaway which is just the sweetest idea and so easy to enter, I would reccommened that you all check it out at
Or check out Ellie's from Coffee and Roses, it is such a lovely idea, check it out

Saturday, 27 November 2010

let it snow....

Its snowing! I looked out of my window into a winter wonderland. I was so excited, makes me think of Starbucks red cups, Love actually, oversized warm knit jumpers and huge roaring fires. So just to get you all in the mood, here are some winter pictures for

Thursday, 25 November 2010

and we're going to sip bacardi like it's my birthday

Wahoooo it was my birthday on Tuesday. It was amazing and I had a super lovely day and an amazing night, which I paid for the next day, eugh. But I got lovely presents, I got driving lessons so I can drive my little car and I got the most beautiful toywatch, isn't it so so pretty?

This picture just doesn't do it justice, when all the lights hit it, it is truly stunning, if a tiny bit over the top, but there is nothing wrong with that. My amazing friends also bought me a MAC gift card of £50 which I thought was like the cutest thing, but now I have the lovely yet tricky task of what to buy? maybe a new pro palette, or some new lipstick? If anyone has any recommendations I'd be very grateful.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

we're going to party like its my birthday....

I can't believe I have 11 followers, it is so exciting, thank you all so much. And so I'm sorry I've been a naughty slacker. Naughty me, however its my birthday soon so forgive me because I am too excited about it. My mum asked me to make a list of what I wanted so she could pick, because apparently I'm hard to buy for? Which is clearly wrong but at least she won't do it wrong, so her is what I asked for:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

Jacey Withers Fox Bracelet

Spirit Hood- I would love either wolf or polar bear

Disaya Bracelet

Kurt Geiger Shoes

Isn't it all so lovely? I really want it all , and more little bits and bobs, haha greed isn't a good side in me. However on the plus side what I don't get, I can always ask for christmas. I want a spirit hood so bad, I don't care what my boyfriend said. I know I will look adorable in one.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

put a spell on you.....

I know its late but I just thought I'd show you my Halloween make up
Sorry the pictures aren't great, they were taken a bit later on in the nigh, so I looked a little rough by that stage. But I used my violetta lipstick, 17 trio eyeshadow in purples and MAC woodwinked. I used the palest purple all over the lid and then i used the middle purple in the crease and the darkest purple winged right up to my eyebrows and under my lower lashes. I then put woodwinked in the inner corner and then to complete the look I used my false lashes which have beads on the end of the top set and I used false ones on my lower lashes as well. I wish I'd taken better pictures to show this because it did look really good. Still, I hope you all had a spooky time.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

a dream is a wish your heart makes.....

I just feel horrible at the moment. Everything is getting on top of me, and I feel lost. Like I've lost myself. However looking at these pictures really cheered me up and I hope they do to you too. Have a beautiful day. You are amazing.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

make up can't mend your broken heart, but you can try....

I just had like the worst few days. Like when all you feel is eughhhhhh. So try to cheer me up and stop me crying ( its harder to cry in the MAC store) my beautiful friend drove me to town to go shopping. I bought a new eyeshadow which is Cranberry, And OMG its so beautiful, the colour is like a rich red which sparkles in it, though I always see some pink coming through. I am wearing at the moment with woodwinked which is lovely with the rich golds and reds together. It really did cheer me up, even when you think everything is rubbish, your eyes can still look beautiful, also if they look pretty you don't want to cry and ruin them as much. What do you think?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Loves and Hates for this week.....


* Roast Dinners: I can't even describe how happy I am that my mum will finally make these again. She completely refuses to in summer and I spend all July craving them. I just love the roast potatoes.

* Violetta: I'm just so happy I bought this lipstick. I'm really falling in love with it, though I'm still a little weary of wearing it out, which is so unlike me. However I wore it yesterday for Halloween and its just so beautiful. Which also makes it lipstick of the week.

* My puppy, Gucci: She is just the most adorable thing and I got to spend a whole week with her cause I was at my dads. She is so sweet when she jumps on the bed for a cuddle. Though having said that, she is so annoying when she licks your face in the morning to wake you up. Look at her little face in the snow, blesss.

* OPI Bring on the Bling: IT'S AMAZING. It's just so so pretty. I love it so much more then I thought I would. I only got it for a party but now it might turn in to a very much used shade.


* Cold Feet: My poor feet are just cold all the time. I do not like it.

* Stupid Stumpy Nails: I hate my nails so much. They are so horrible and short, which is my own fault because I bite them and rip them up. I want acrylics back but I just can't afford it.

* Having No Money: Eugh I just want so many pretty things, and I already owe my mum money so when I get some I have to give it back. This makes me the most sad

So to cheer us back up lets look at my lovely nail varnish

There, much better.