Saturday, 29 January 2011

Belly Bar, oh how you glitter.....

So I got my belly pierced. I did it on a whim and I didn't really think it through however luckily I'm not regretting it yet. But now I'm obsessed with tummies, crop tops, and tiny shorts. It's much too cold to wear them at the moment, so I solved my cravings with pictures from I also regret to say that my belly does not look as beautiful and flat as these pictures, however maybe by summer. A girl can dream.....


  1. Ah cool, what kind of bar did you get?
    I got mine done about 7 years ago and still love it. I recommend using Carex hand wash to clean it twice a day everyday, (I used the original one) as it is antibacterial and will help the healing process :-)

  2. Just one with a crystal in it, im cleaning it with salty hot water which is what she told me to do, and it looks quite good as I only just had it done. Is the salt water enough? xxx

  3. Oh yes I was told either salt water or a good quality anti bacterial soap :-) but yes salt water is good too :-) xxx