Monday, 29 November 2010

help me smudge my lipstick...

I really want new lipsticks, I thought i would buy myself a new pro pallette but now I still want one but my lust for lipstick is more. I've been layering them on at the moment in a lame atempt to keep my lips warm but even though I love the ones I own, I'm yearning for new ones. You just can't beat the feeling of twisting up a brand new tube.


*Pink Nouveau


*Saint Germain

*Girl About Town

*Ruby Woo

*Dark Side

*Creme Cup

Has anyone got anymore that they just can't live without?

Also on the same note, Christina Marie at Christina Marie says is having a lipstick giveaway which is just the sweetest idea and so easy to enter, I would reccommened that you all check it out at
Or check out Ellie's from Coffee and Roses, it is such a lovely idea, check it out

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