Monday, 1 November 2010

Loves and Hates for this week.....


* Roast Dinners: I can't even describe how happy I am that my mum will finally make these again. She completely refuses to in summer and I spend all July craving them. I just love the roast potatoes.

* Violetta: I'm just so happy I bought this lipstick. I'm really falling in love with it, though I'm still a little weary of wearing it out, which is so unlike me. However I wore it yesterday for Halloween and its just so beautiful. Which also makes it lipstick of the week.

* My puppy, Gucci: She is just the most adorable thing and I got to spend a whole week with her cause I was at my dads. She is so sweet when she jumps on the bed for a cuddle. Though having said that, she is so annoying when she licks your face in the morning to wake you up. Look at her little face in the snow, blesss.

* OPI Bring on the Bling: IT'S AMAZING. It's just so so pretty. I love it so much more then I thought I would. I only got it for a party but now it might turn in to a very much used shade.


* Cold Feet: My poor feet are just cold all the time. I do not like it.

* Stupid Stumpy Nails: I hate my nails so much. They are so horrible and short, which is my own fault because I bite them and rip them up. I want acrylics back but I just can't afford it.

* Having No Money: Eugh I just want so many pretty things, and I already owe my mum money so when I get some I have to give it back. This makes me the most sad

So to cheer us back up lets look at my lovely nail varnish

There, much better.


  1. Ahh cute name for your puppy!

    And your lucky you got hold of the purple lipstick from mas disney collection! :D

  2. haha thank you, sometimes though she deffo doesn't live up to her cute name :)
    yeah i got that and toxic tale, took me ages to find it