Thursday, 30 December 2010

What should I do....

So I thought I'd buy a foundation. All the signs were right, I had the money, my YSL one had run out so I decided to buy a MAC one. Now as much as I love Mac, I'm always very weary as I really didn't like the Mineralize Satinfinish I bought before as it didn't give good coverage and I looked dead. But I thought I'd give it another go with Studio fix fluid. The lady in MAC matched me up, however it didn't feel like she was really concentrating on me and only did a tiny bit on my face without properly taking my make-up off so I couldn't see it properly but trusting her judgement i bought the foundation as it seemed to give good coverage. Then the next day I tried it on, and I'm orange. Proper orange. Now I don't know what to do, cause it is clearly the wrong colour but can I take it back, or should I just keep it for one when I'm fake tanned or a summer one? I really need some help cause I need foundation desperately. x


  1. I would probably change it if I was you. You don't seem that impressed and the colour is definitely wrong for you at this time of the year.
    You can then get a new colour when you get a tan.

  2. I just feel really upset about it. I really feel that it was down to the lady not paying attention. I'm not sure if they will take it back because I've used it. xxx

  3. hi hun that happened to me, i went into a mac in plymouth and she totally gave me a tango shade. i was so upset - its a lot of money to spend on a foundation.

    i went into mac in westfield a few weeks later and showed someone in there what colour they gave me - and they were shocked! i think you just have to be 100% happy before you buy, and if you are in doubt just say you need to think about it and ask for a sample to try at home before you buy xx

  4. Thing is I told her what colour I was in my studio fix power and it is a little dark then my skin, and its NC20, why would she give me NW15? I'm just going to buy another one and mix the two as my skin changes colour. xx